About Me

It all started at a very young age. I was always spewing out stories and got roped in by my brother to producing our own magazine called “Pure Gold”, which was quite a production for young kids, but which you won’t find in my clips here.

In high school I won 3rd place in a UN essay contest and went on to work on my college paper and to receive positive feedback on papers and my thesis from professors.

Still, it wasn’t until years later when I was working at a church in Brussels that it occurred to me writing could be a profession. I began working part time for EuroInfoTech newsletter and writing freelance articles.

I went on from there to return to the US to get my master’s in journalism from Ohio University. During this time I was blessed to get an internship with The Associated Press in Paris, a very formative time in my life in general but also my writing career. I also gained worked in the communications office of the university’s osteopathic college, writing an award-winning feature on diabetes research..

I followed this up with more international travels, this time to China, where I taught English for a year. I then got a job more up my alley and quite fascinating—working as an editor for Xinhua News Agency for two years. I also did some freelance writing for a local English-language magazine. During this time I married a Chinaman and we decided to move back to the US. These plans ended up delayed and I got a short-term job at China Central TV as an editor, which gave me some fascinating experience with TV. I also became pregnant with twins and devoted myself to them for some time after their birth in Ohio in 2005.

I then worked as a writing tutor at the University of Indianapolis and taught basic composition in prisons through Ball State University. I then had another baby and by the time he turned 1, we decided to move back to China. I spent another three years working for CCTV while immersing my children in local life, to which they adjusted quickly.

We are now living close to family in Columbus, Ohio, where I am working on a master’s in public health, again through Ohio University.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

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